Boat Floating

Experience pure freedom

Boat floating

Just head out on to the open seas. Where the waves carry you and the wind whispers the melodies of the sea. To islands of your dreams, along secluded coasts, out to Mediterranean, historic cities.

We are happy to quench this thirst for freedom. Even though - in fact especially if - you may barely have any experience of sailing or motor yachts. Just compile your list of destinations, stomping grounds in the Mediterranean, including everything you want for your leisure time on board and on land. You can either stay the night on the yacht or in a top-quality hotel. A concert awaits you in the arena, or you can simply enjoy your hotel's own wellness area, including options for enjoying some pampering. However, wherever, whenever, with whomever – we take care of all the organisation and implementation of your 'Boat floating holiday' – from arrival to departure.

Maximum flexibility

We extend a welcome to you and your loved one, your family and friends – up to 20 people – on our prepared yacht. During a cruise you get to experience the pure freedom of sailing and the intoxicating power of the motor yacht. Whether it is diving or a picnic in a turquoise-coloured bay – you, and of course we too, are completely flexible with how you prefer to arrange your day. In the evening we take you to your preferred harbour and enjoy the opulent ambience of a stylish hotel. And the best thing – we organise everything for you and, together with our team, are always available.